About Whirl Fang

Hello there, most amazing readers. Feel welcome to learn, read, and enter into the odd, but most excellent world of the zine. So many people are so fascinated with these “so-called” zines.

Since there will be some random newcomers out there who will ask themselves this obvious question, “what are zines?” The best way to answer this question, a zine is simply an “alternative” magazine published outside mainstream publishing, and these can be done independently as a hobby that can become your “self-employed” job someday.

To tell you the truth, zines are self-published magazines of the amateur-press industry/DIY society. The coolest thing about zines is that they can be of any size, page length, and also even cover pretty much any topic(s) of your interest if that is your true desire.

As a brief example, This upcoming brave new zine will cover an excellent variety of “fun” topics that will blow you away involving imagination, creativity, entertainment, and of course, hobbies,a bunch of all this above, basically, including special topics just for individual issues.

This zine is called “Whirl Fang”, and this is the zine’s main website. If you wonder what kind of topics will be in Whirl Fang, I will explain. Here at the Whirl Fang Zine, we got a bunch of really cool, fun, nerdy, and unusual topics to explore including Art, Comics, Manga, Literature, SciFi/Fantasy, Video games, Roleplaying Games, Wargaming, Anime, Zines/Fanzines (of course), DIY, Escapism, Free (as in freedom), Libre (which is Latin for liberty), & Open Source Software, Arts, and Technology + SO MUCH MORE TO COME! If you enjoy Whirl Fang, you can reach out to me here on this WordPress blog as well as sending me an email, or find me on Facebook, or Google+, or Diaspora, or you can even send me some money in Bitcoin, Bitcoin CASH, or any other cryptocurrency I’m able to get my hands on + paypal of course. I hope you well, and have fun! Last, but not least, the Whirl Fang Zines will be under a Copyleft license called the “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0” license, meaning that you, the reader will have so many liberties with Whirl Fang, such as not just the freedom to copy and share this work, but you’ll also the liberties to remix this stuff, and even make money with it as long as its sold/swapped/traded/shared under the same conditions, whether it be under the same copyleft license as the original version or a similar copyleft-type open license that shares the same terms.

Yes, the Whirl Fang Zine is/will be under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License, but it may also contain stuff under other Copyleft/Copyfree/Public Domain-type Free/Libre/Open licenses that also allow the freedoms to copy, share, remix, selling for $, translating it into another language, etc. as well. Let’s have fun!

Oh, here’s my Contact Info=

My Email/G+ Account: rls77729@gmail.com

Facebook Page For Whirl Fang Zine:facebook.com/whirlfangzine

Diaspora: rls89zx@diasp.org

GNU Social: https://quitter.no/rls89zx

If you would to donate money to me, I accept Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash as well as Paypal!

Here is my Paypal Donation Link:


I’m also selling a libre-licensed remix diy zine making guide for a single mBTC dirt cheap:


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